The Flexible Class for Modern Families
Online Classes with a Personal Instructor


Not just videos!

While there are some videos, there are also interactive scenarios, articles, audio relaxation files, and more!

Hands on Activities

A box of hand-on activities to enhance and cement the online modules comes right to your mailbox!

Ask Questions!

I’m available for email/chat communication as you complete the modules. I promise same-day response!

1:1 Customized Session

Each class comes with a 2 hour session with me, either in person (if local) or through video calling. We’ll explore whatever topics you like!

Your Instructor

I have been a busy childbirth educator and doula in the Salt Lake City area for over 20 years.
My classes are popular because of the interactive and thorough teaching style.
I’m excited to bring my experience and expertise to online childbirth classes, and to get to know you!

Andrea Lythgoe, LCCE

This class is perfect for anyone who wants something
different than a traditional series class.

Birth Connected

Birth Connected is a project of Pampered Birth, LLC, and is intended to be a supplement to medical care and not a replacement.

My mission

To help pregnant people gain information and confidence to have better birth experiences. And by “better birth experience” I mean “however THEY define that!”

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