Get Your Doula Website Up and Running in 30 Days!

Have you ever wished there was a WordPress Doula who could help you through the birth of your doula web site? Well, here I am! This 30 day class will help you set up and run your self hosted WordPress Web Site in just 30 days. (Note: This class is designed for those using the WordPress software on a host that is NOT If that scares you, that’s okay. I walk you through that part!)

Daily Tutorial

Every day you get a new tutorial on some aspect of WordPress. Through videos and step-by-step instructions with screenshots, you'll learn your way around WordPress 5.

Daily Task

Along with the lesson, each day you'll get a specific task to do that will help you plan, set up and create your web site.

Online Classroom

This class comes with an online classroom where you can ask questions, show off your work, and get help troubleshooting.

First Run Discount
Coupon Code: FEB2019

The first 10 people who use the code FEB2019 at checkout will receive 50% off!

Just like labor, creating your web site is easier with lots of support!
Andrea Lythgoe
WordPress Doula