Doula Business Class

The Logistics Of Being a Birth Doula

In this FREE course, I’ll go over some of the trickier things about being a birth doula:

  • How do I get out of the cancellation fee at my dentist when I cannot give 24 hours notice?
  • How can I make sure I have a backup in case I’m sick?
  • How do I keep things organized?


You'll Learn

Being On Call

Being ready to step away from your life at a moment’s notice takes some planning and foresight.I’ll give you some tips and tricks for making it work.

Prenatal Visits

I’ll guide you in creating a framework for your prenatal visits that suits your client’s needs and your practice style.

Staying Organized

Running a business gets harder the busier you are, so I’ll help you lay the foundations to stay organized as your business grows.


Contracts, insurance and other necessary means to keep your business safe and independent.

Even if you're just thinking about birth doula work, try this class!


It really is as simple as getting an email a day with information, resources, and a specific assignment to complete.

Is this just for birth doulas?

Nope! The content uses birth doula work for all of the examples, but it can easily work for midwives, birth assistants, birth photographers, or anyone who is on call for births!

Does the class expire after 2 weeks? What if I don't finish?

You’ll have full access to the lessons for a year after the end of the class. If I update lessons during that time as things change, you’ll see the new versions.

What if I have questions about the material?

The course software has a messaging system built into it, you can shoot me a message any time. I’m happy to clarify anything or help you figure out specific challenges.

What happens after the two weeks are up?

You go on to create your business as a birth doula! I have several classes that might help you along the way, like

  • 30 Days to Better Birth Marketing
  • Setting Up Your Doula Business Step By Step
  • Building Your Doula Site With WordPress

Want to be a birth doula AND
have a life?

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