Doula Business Class

Setting Up Your Doula Business

For most doulas, being a business owner is part of the deal. It isn’t the fun or glamorous part, but it is a crucial part of staying on the right side of the law and staying profitable and in business. In this three week course, you’ll get an assignment each day with information and resources to help you lay a solid business foundation for a long term, sustainable doula business.


You'll Learn

The Legal Aspects to Consider

Using a business name, kinds of business entities, licensing, etc.

Money Matters

Ways to collect money, business banking and maintaining a good cash flow

Having a Business Plan

Setting short and long term goals for your business, and keeping yourself on track to reach those goals.

Protecting your Business

Contracts, insurance and other necessary means to keep your business safe and independent.

If you're overwhelmed by the Business Part of Doula Work, this class is for you!


It really is as simple as getting an email a day with information, resources, and a specific assignment to complete.

Is this just for birth doulas?

Nope! The content uses birth or postpartum doula work for all of the examples, but it can easily work for childbirth educators, lactation consultants, massage therapists, or any other small business.

Does the class expire after 21 days? What if I don't finish?

You’ll have full access to the lessons for a year after the end of the class. If I update lessons during that time as things change, you’ll see the new versions.

What if I have questions about the material?

The course software has a messaging system built into it, you can shoot me a message any time. I’m happy to clarify anything or help you figure out specific challenges.

What happens after the 21 days are up?

As you move through this class, you’ll have a bunch of different ideas for where you can go next. The class is not intended to have you finish everything, but to reate a roadmap for what to do next.

Want to be a legal business?

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