Birth Connected

Online childbirth class

This flexible childbirth class is perfect for modern parents. Using the “flipped classroom” model, most of the content is online for you to learn and explore at your own pace.

Additionally, you’ll get two 90 minute private sessions where you will learn hand on things like massage, breathing and relaxation, or address any other questions or concerns you have.

Get started today, and prepare for your best birth experience!

You'll Learn

Everything you need to know, understand and prepare for your birth and adding a baby to your family.

Anatomy and Physiology

The parts and process involved in getting your baby from the inside out. Includes all the common variations.

Techniques for Labor

Explore a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques with the included audio files, and learn out to figure out which skills will work best for you!

The Medical Side of Birth

Learn all about some of the most common medical things that might come up during birth, like induction, monitoring, cesarean birth, etc.
Also includes some information on decision making and communicating with your care provider so that you can be an active and informed participant in your health care.

Planning for Your Birth

Exploring your options, figuring out what you want, and maximizing your chances of having your ideal birth.
Includes information on pain medication options, writing a birth plan, and exploring what's most important to you.

Transitioning to Parenthood

It's not easy to add a new baby to the family. You'll learn how to plan and prepare for a smoother transition, how to recognize issues you will need help with, feel more confident as a parent, and how to get breastfeeding well established if that's your plan.

Get ready to have a baby!


What if I have quick questions? Do they count against my private session times?

Nope! On your profile page, there’s a messenger system where you can reach out to me for quick questions, tech support, or anything else you need.

Does the class expire?
How long will I have access?

The full course is good for 40 weeks, so it should last you for your whole pregnancy, and likely for the early postpartum period as well.

Want to have a great birth?

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