Doula Business Class

Building Your Doula Website with WordPress

Have you ever wished there was a WordPress Doula who could help you through the birth of your doula web site? Well, here I am! This 30 day class will help you set up and run your self hosted WordPress Web Site in just 30 days.

(Note: This class is designed for those using the WordPress software on a host that is NOT If that scares you, that’s okay. I walk you through that part!)


You'll Learn

Starting Out With WordPress

Choosing a host, installing the software, and setting things up.

Creating High Quality Content

Keeping your site active and high on the search rankings.

Organizing Your Web Site

Laying out the information about you and your services in an appealing way.

Keeping Your Site Updated

Regular maintenance tasks that will keep your site secure and functioning.

Creating your website is no harder than birth itself. Totally doable with the right support!


It really is as simple as getting an email a day with information, resources, and a specific assignment to complete.

Is this just for birth doulas?

Nope! The content uses birth or postpartum doula work for all of the examples, but it can easily work for childbirth educators, lactation consultants, massage therapists, or any other small business.

Does the class expire after 30 days? What if I don't finish?

You’ll have full access to the lessons for a year after the end of the class. If I update lessons during that time as things change, you’ll see the new versions.

What if I have questions about the material?

The course software has a messaging system built into it, you can shoot me a message any time. I’m happy to clarify anything or help you figure out specific challenges.

What happens after the 30 days are up?

As you move through this class, you’ll have a bunch of different ideas for where you can go next. The class is about building SKILLS, not just what to do short term.

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