The Logistics of Birth Doula Work

In this course, I’ll go over some of the trickier things about being a birth doula:

How do I get out of the cancellation fee at my dentist when I cannot give 24 hours notice?

How can I make sure I have a backup in case I’m sick?

How do I keep things organized?

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Being On Call

Being ready to step away from your life at a moment’s notice takes some planning and foresight.I’ll give you some tips and tricks for making it work.

Doula looking at phone while in bed
Expectant couple talking to doula

Prenatal Visits

I’ll guide you in creating a framework for your prenatal visits that suits your client’s needs and your practice style.

Staying Organized

Running a business gets harder the busier you are, so I’ll help you lay the foundations to stay organized as your business grows.

Included lessons:

Doula looking at her phone

The Telephone Game: Being Reachable for Clients

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